Tuesday, May 8, 2012


More than the done deed itself
More than the crash and the sway
More than the royal flush of blood
More than the callous display
More than the hot poker to the head
More than turning living tissue into dead
This is the scab i pick
each and every day
Yeah it cost her a lot, i hear
but she didn't hesitate

Her inked heart felt the rhythm of the needle
but she didn't hesitate
Loose lips told  fairy tales to children
but she didn't hesitate
A little panther brought to her chest
but she didn't hesitate
Passing every nervous test
but she didn't hesitate
No lies no hurt only bliss
but she didn't hesitate
Soul exposed into release
but she didn't hesitate

Water all around my sphere
Am i  drowning in your lake?
Fire consumes the oxygen
Now i can´t breathe
I can't take
She understood the plea
She knew what was at stake
Knowledge is the key
She just didn't hesitate
Cold survival strategy
or just a risk you took?
Language was the enemy
Silence should have spoke
And the lethargy,
that wasn't me
My will is not free
to just climb your tree
to fall into thee
to drown in your sea
With no apology
Water water water
The whole summer in a daze
Fire all around my sphere
A forest set ablaze

Some say she just dances
to the beat of fate
Some say let bygones be  bygones
Why so much hate?
Mother nature can be cruel
its her natural state
But this one little whisper
in my bed of late
Coin under my pillow
Wisdom tooth tic toc take
Throughout her sad and sorrow
she just didn't hesitate

You said you wanted to live
All lies you see
You lie to be
so you lie to me
when you lie with me
This truth will never set me free

So you wake up to give the devil its due?
So you´re the wild growth everybody wants to prune?
So they light fires under your feet?
So absence is missing the heartbeat?
So these lenses are distorting your point of view?
Or maybe just maybe you haven´t got a clue
Of what´s the sound of another heart?
Of what color are the fires that you start?
Of what's the taste in the mouth when you depart?

Such a daze to behold
just spiraling in your ways
Is one just like the other?
Just interchangeable displays
Do we actually exist out here
or are we just shadow plays?
Judge jury and executioner
watch where that wind will blow
Innocent your Honor
Pure as Himalayan snow
Words of wisdom to the wise
Such a coherent state
I know
I know
I know
But you didn't hesitate